Double Your Service Revenue


How would you like to double your service revenue?

Triple Your Repurchases


How would you like to triple your repurchases?

Get More Referrals


How would you like to get more referrals?

Eliminate Direct Mail


How would you like to eliminate direct mail costs, once and for all?

OneClick Loyalty


Convert your customers into customers for life.


#Driving Loyalty

OneClick LoyaltyTM is the only digital customer loyalty and retention platform built by automotive experts for today’s automotive dealership. OneClick LoyaltyTM is your turn-key digital solution to drive retention, increase service revenue, multiply referrals, and convert every buyer into a customer for life.

It Begins at the Beginning

Loyalty marketing starts before the customer drives off the lot. That’s why our platform is designed to reach customers right at purchase.

We Start Where Most CRMs Drop Off

Dealership CRMs are heavily loaded for pre-sales. Our platform kicks in at the point of sale to support optimal engagement and drive service and purchase retention.

We Do it With Personalization

A powerful personalization engine delivers the right message to the right customer at the right time. This drives ROI for your dealership and requires little to no effort on your part.

We Do It With Turn-Key Support

Once enrolled, our Digital Support Desk has your back via a dedicated phone number and email. We even help you track and improve on your success via monthly analytics reporting.

1. Welcome

Upon purchase, the platform immediately triggers a welcome email that drives the customer to their very own Personal Website.


2. Engage

The customer’s Personal Website carries forward throughout the full ownership lifecycle, driving revenue for the dealership via 1:1 personalization, and content automation.


3. Retain

Built-in proprietary business rules kick the platform into high gear right when it counts the most: in the repurchase cycle.


4. Enhance

Valuable insights-driven customer metrics are regularly delivered that ensure continuous improvement and increased ROI.


Every Implementation Includes:

Bullet point Configurable Look & Feel

Seamless integration with your Dealer branding, including color palette, dealership logo, contact information, and variable messaging for a consistent customer experience both online and in the dealership.

Bullet point Pre-Populated Content

High-quality content is pre-populated in components to meet the needs of customers along the full ownership lifecycle. All content can be customized in both messaging, cadence, and frequency at the dealership level. Simply tell us what you want.

Bullet point Customizable Components

Components are fully customizable and configurable to your specific customer data and unique business drivers.

Bullet point Customizable Touchpoints

More than 30 fully customizable email and personal website touchpoints for customers along the full lifecycle, from point of sale to maturity.

Bullet point Concierge Onboarding

A Concierge Help Desk Advisor, a highly experienced and knowledgeable industry specialist, is assigned to each dealership implementation to onboard quickly and efficiently. Your advisor also stays with you well beyond the onboarding process, meeting with you regularly to address the unique needs of your dealership.

Bullet point Data-Driven Personalization

Based on industry-leading customer experience algorithms designed to hit the customer with relevant content at just the right frequency that generates results while avoiding over communication and communications fatigue.

Bullet point State-of-the-Art Security

Your customer data is always secured using strong SSL and database encryption, and stored in a secure state-of-the-art data center with 24/7 security monitoring. Our security policies conform to all applicable state, federal, and international laws and regulations. Your customer data is never shared with any third parties and belongs 100% to you.

Bullet point Continuous Improvement

Detailed monthly analytics reports pinpoint opportunities for enhancements that generate actionable next steps and ensure your solution is constantly improving.

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About ChannelNet

With over 32 years in the automotive industry, ChannelNet is a digital pioneer specializing in solutions that integrate marketing, sales and service channels to drive customer loyalty. ChannelNet holds multiple technology patents and has, over the years, been responsible for many industry firsts. This includes developing the first automotive OEM sponsored website program for over 5,000 dealers, the first personal microsite, and the first enterprise class sales and marketing automation tool.

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