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OneClick LoyaltyTM connects the dots so you don’t have to -

Starting with proactive email and text messaging that drives each customer to their own automated Personal Website. The platform digitizes the entire customer lifecycle, from the moment of sale, to scheduling service, cross-selling, nurturing leads, integrating social channels, and driving repeat purchases.

The Road to Retention


Upon purchase, the platform immediately triggers a welcome email that drives the customer to their very own Personal Website.


The customer’s Personal Website carries forward throughout the full ownership lifecycle via 1:1 personalization, and content automation.


Built-in proprietary business rules kick the platform into high gear right when it counts the most: in the repurchase cycle.


Valuable insights-driven customer metrics are regularly delivered that ensure continuous improvement and increased ROI.

Cut Through The Clutter. Get Results

OneClick Loyalty is built on the premise of creating timely and relevant interactions seamlessly between you and the customer. The way we see it, every touchpoint is an opportunity to drive customer loyalty and generate increased revenue:

Maximize Service Retention

Send the right message at the right time and steer your buyers toward consistent aftersales service to increase your dealership revenue.

Drive Purchase Revenue

An effective communication strategy built on customer intent allows you to engage with current customers and lead them to select their next vehicle from your inventory.

Expand Your Customer Base

Get valuable referrals from your existing customers to generate more business for your dealership.

Turn Every Buyer Into A Customer For Life

Proactive interaction creates a positive customer experience that extends through multiple lifecycles and across the customer’s circle of influence.

Configurable Dealer Branding

Every Implementation Includes

Configurable Dealer Branding

Seamless integration with your Dealer branding, including color palette, dealership logo, contact information, and variable messaging for a consistent customer experience both online and in the dealership.

Data-Driven Personalization

Based on industry-leading customer experience algorithms designed to hit the customer with relevant content at just the right frequency that generates results while avoiding over communication and communications fatigue.

Pre-Populated Content

High-quality content is pre-populated in components to meet the needs of customers along the full ownership lifecycle. All content can be customized in both messaging, cadence, and frequency at the dealership level. Simply tell us what you want.

Customizable Touchpoints

More than 30 fully customizable email and personal website touchpoints for customers along the full lifecycle, from point of sale to maturity.

We Make it Easy to Get Started

A OneClick Loyalty Advisor, a highly experienced and knowledgeable industry specialist, is assigned to each dealership implementation to get your program up and running quickly. Your advisor also stays with you well beyond the onboarding process, meeting with you regularly to address the unique needs of your dealership. Here’s what you can expect:

STEP 1  We configure your program based on your specific customer data and unique business drivers.
STEP 2  Our team seamlessly integrates your dealer branding to ensure a consistent customer experience.
STEP 3  Our team implements your customer program and reviews all touchpoint prototypes with you for final feedback.
STEP 4  Final revisions are implemented and your program is launched (in less than 10 business days).
STEP 5  Your OCL Advisor sends you monthly metrics reports that pinpoint opportunities for program enhancement.

Constant Fine-Tuning Based on Reporting & Analytics

Detailed monthly analytics reports pinpoint opportunities for enhancements that generate actionable next steps and ensure your solution is constantly improving. Analysis of key metrics is utilized to find powerful indicators to shift revenue growth and retention into high gear.

Analytics and Reporting
Customer Engagement is the Key to Increasing Revenue

Customer Engagement is the Key to Increasing Revenue

Read this comprehensive white paper by Paula Tompkins, CEO and Founder of ChannelNet.


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What technology allows you to do is to create and save special moments for your customers. And we try to do that from the very beginning at the time of sale by giving customers many, many ways to remember that moment when they picked up their beautiful new car. One of the reasons why we find the OneClick Loyalty platform so compelling for us is it allows us to carry on with our values that we’ve always had and really embed them into a digital platform.

Naz Sesi, Sesi Motors

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